Factoring and Receivables Financing

Factoring and receivables financing accounted for more than $97 billion of invoices being converted to cash in the U.S. last year. This occurred primarily in the growth sectors of our economy because companies that want to grow their sales in multiples versus percentages typically use this type of financing. Fixed loans and credit lines are capped, and once yo make a sale, you have to wait to get paid and that is normally not acceptable to a growing company!

With the acceleration of cash flow that we provide, our customers don't have to wait to get paid. They just continue to grow their sales! If you want to take back control of your cash levels through flexible programs aligned to grow your company, call us today.

Facts you should know

  • Factoring doesn't restrict how you use the funds and lets you run your business.
  • Factoring can support you by pre-screening and monitoring your customer's credit conditions.
  • As the owner, factoring gives you control of your cash levels so you can focus on your business, instead of chasing customers for payments and jeopardizing the relationship.
  • Factoring can be used to protect and rebuild your good credit, to offer open terms to large customers, and to allow you to take on additional work knowing that you have the working capital to succeed.

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