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Linda Samuels, MBA, MSc

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Linda Samuels, CEO and Founder

Business Coaching and Financing


Entrepreneurs should have ready access to the working capital needed to turn good ideas and hard work into successful enterprises. Financial constraints should never prevent your company’s growth and the realization of your dreams.



Experienced educator, researcher, and writer who has elected to move from the private sector into the corporate environment.  Sets clearly defined goals and maintains the highest of standards in pursuit of the vision.  Likes nothing better than to roll up sleeves, seek new challenges, listen carefully, and help to create new solutions.



Knows when to be tough and when to be flexible and how to maintain group standards in an environment where individual connection is essential.  Above all, knows how to build a sense of trust and honesty in cohort so that real interactions and growth become the expectation.



Known and admired for even-tempered approach to issues, ability to identify and to focus on what is important in a situation, survival skills in the face of adversity, ability to influence and motivate behavior, and ability to balance the tightrope of multiple demands.



As a strong strategic planner with tactical implementation skills, a hands-on, make-it-happen type of executive who is highly organized and detailed-oriented.  Keen sense of what it takes to get the job done. Known for high energy level, positive self-image, ethical standards, and strong work ethic.



Logical, incisive, and critical problem-solver.  Keenly aware of the value of thinking through a project, from beginning to end, before starting. Relishes finding new ways to solve old problems.



Viewed as a self-starter dedicated to achieving results.  Embraces visions not always seen by others. Considered a daring, bold, and gutsy executive with a creative mind and razor-sharp focus on the “big picture.”  Prefers an environment with variety and change and where new ideas are embraced.